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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

It was the first time either of us had visited a concentration camp.  Most of the prisoners at Sachsenhausen at its outset were, interestingly, German academics; Hilter found them threatening.  Later the majority of prisoners and murder victims were Soviet … Continue reading

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Jewish in Germany

Overall my Jewish identity is not particularly strong, though I was reminded by a conversation with Louisa that it was much more so when I was growing up as a distinct minority in Rochester, Minnesota.  Being a minority there, where … Continue reading

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Around Berlin

Matt and I managed to do more of the requisite touristy things in Berlin, given that neither of us had been there before and that the weather was too chilly for parks. (Rachel, thank you for the coat!)  We visited … Continue reading

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Berlin delicacies

Berlin is known for its beer and its curryworst, sausage covered in a curried ketchup.  We also benefited from the recent influx of Turkish immigrants, who have brought amazing falafel to the city.  We heard that Dada Falafel was the … Continue reading

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Berlin on the way

Following the Holocaust and the end of World War II, the Soviets took the Eastern part of the city and the Allies the Western part of the city.  The Western portion experienced an “economic miracle,” developing faster and drawing people … Continue reading

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Luxury travel en route to Berlin

A flight at 5:45 in the morning (for $50 round trip) brought us to this.  I give Luton Airport half a star for accommodations.

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