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Street scenes

Below are some videos capturing the different environments we’ve experienced lately.  The first is a video of the sidewalk outside of Makola Market.  The second video is a scene from our drive from the rural community of Dzamam, where we … Continue reading

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A clinic in rural Ghana

We have selected a site in Ghana’s Eastern Region for our bed net distribution.  We are working about a 30 minute drive from a town called Asesewa.  The photos below are from a clinic serving 8000 people in the region … Continue reading

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The next big thing

Seat belts!  So I mentioned in an earlier post that I was happy the American ambassador plugged the public health message to wear our seat belts three times in the five minutes that we met him.  I think of him … Continue reading

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Good morning

The house where we’re staying in Accra is next to a pre-school.   We awaken to cool beats and squeals of delight on the many mornings when drummers perform there.

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Don’t Suarez it!

Matt and I just got back from a National Malaria Control Program (NMCP) meeting. The second such four hour long affair that TAMTAM has attended, the meeting excited me. The meeting consisted of 25 people from the NMCP itself, USAID, … Continue reading

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Those ACTs

I’ve learned a bit more about ACTs since my previous post on them.  A 2004 Institute of Medicine report called Saving Lives, Buying Time recommended subsidizing ACTs to make them affordable to those who need effective malaria medicines while using combination … Continue reading

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