Out of Accra

6 in the morning

6:30 in the morning is a very happening time at the Accra market

Though it was refreshing to travel into the lush, green grasslands (turned wetlands in the rainy season) outside of Accra, I am too tired to write much about the experience because we had to get up at 5:30 to do it. We showed up an hour early for a morning meeting at a local NGO and they were typically extremely generous, proceeding to spend the rest of the day showing us around the communities in which they work.  Here are photos of first a farming village and second a fishing village.  Homes are set up in compounds, with an outdoor living area and multiple families having one room within the same buildings.  There is usually one bed per family’s room, with four to eight people sleeping in each room; parents typically sleep on the bed and children on a thin mat on the cement or dirt floor.

We also took a tro tro (local name for ubiquitous fast vans) for the equivalent of $2 for our journey of two hours and I went to the bathroom in a hole in the ground for the first time since being here.  We saw that there was a big need for mosquito nets, as most people there do not have access to them but would like to use them.  I am excited that our study will take place in settings such as this.

A farming village about 2 hours outside of Accra; mud houses, electricity (sometimes)

A fishing village about 2.5 hours outside of Accra; TV antennas

Carving a large tree into a large boat

Fishing boat

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