Today we participated in our host family’s tradition of having waakye every weekend, with delicious results once again.  This is a weekend tradition for many in Accra, as this roadside affair is actually only open on the weekend.  Matt and I shared the bowl in the second photo for 3 cedi, or about $2.14.  Typically the family with whom we are staying makes up the entire foreign crowd, but today we ran into a couple who lived in Chicago before coming here a year ago.  They grew up in my former home state of Minnesota and attended Macalester.


The kitchen


An herb which makes the rice and beans red... still researching exactly what it is.

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3 Responses to Waakye

  1. Bleu says:

    I LOVE Waakye. I’m very jealous of your Ghanaian culinary adventures, dear.

  2. Sarah says:

    mmmm delicious. looks so healthy too 😉 Let me know what healthy food availability is like there… my prof may be beginning a project studying the nutrition transition in Ghana. Taste everything for me

  3. afua says:

    aunty muni!!!

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