Local Delicacies, Accra

Yesterday our coworkers from TAMTAM introduced us to some quality Ghanaian food.  The first is FanIce, a delicious frozen ice cream in a bag that you tear open with your teeth.  Food is actually quite expensive in Accra, so FanIce is refreshing not only for its taste and temperature, but its price of 40 peswa (29 cents).  Also pictured is our friend Charlie, who is working at Innovations for Poverty Action and whose blog you can read here for another take on Accra.



For dinner we had amazing grilled, freshly caught tilapia from the Blue Gate restaurant, which pretty much only serves grilled tilapia, with the occasional kebab.  It came in a delicious, spicy sauce and is served with banku for soaking up the sauce.  Banku is somewhat tangy, fermented corn and cassava dough that is cooked in hot water into a paste.  It is one of many such pastes commonly made from mixtures of corn, cassava, and plantains and accompanying all manner of meals.



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