Around Berlin

Matt and I managed to do more of the requisite touristy things in Berlin, given that neither of us had been there before and that the weather was too chilly for parks. (Rachel, thank you for the coat!)  We visited the Brandenburg Gate and really enjoyed seeing the nearby Kennedy Museum, where there were many mentions of Matt’s school and an Obama exhibition.  We checked out Checkpoint Charlie, finding ample opportunities to pay money for photographs of people dressed as soldiers from the Berlin Wall era.  We saw the Memorial to Murdered Jews of Europe, a memorial as intense as its name, designed to look like coffins; but there was something nice about the contrast of giggling children playing hide and go seek in the blocks.  Similarly, it seemed ok that Hilter’s former bunker is now a parking lot, though I wouldn’t want to park there. The Jewish Museum, a striking structure designed to look like a lightening bolt, was well done and interesting.  We did manage to briefly make it to the local park, Tiergarten, which was a veritable forest.

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate

Sony Center

The Sony Center, one of Berlin's many new structures



Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum

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