London on the way

Countless ice cream covered kids in Primrose Park


Keeping cool in front of the Somerset Gallery

Matt, a fellow TAMTAM intern and my boyfriend, and I began our journey to Ghana by traveling through London and Berlin. We arrived in London at the same time as summer, leading us to spend hours in parks and minutes in museums. We stepped out of the parks to dip torn pieces of bread into all manner of delicious spreads at Borough Market, wander through dimly lit modern art exhibits in the nooks of the cellar bar Shunt, and visit Matt’s old neighborhood from study abroad at UCL. Our friends Louisa and Dominic were lovely hosts in her apartment near Primrose Park, even while Louisa worked night shifts as an anesthetist.

Chile marmalade at Borough MarketThe trip featured a pilgrimage to the memorial for another brilliant anesthetist, public health hero, and namesake of the company one of my professors founded – the Broadstreet Pump.  John Snow famously ended a cholera epidemic in 1855 by removing the handle of the pump, cutting off the water that he deduced was the source of the epidemic. Matt and I celebrated reaching the pump (and our third anniversary) with a delicious dinner, featuring an artichoke appetizer that is sure to be replicated upon our return to the US.


The Broadstreet Pump!

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